Changes to the building and construction industry, explained by our construction company in Melbourne

9th August

The Australian construction market is undergoing a building boom, evident in the number of cranes dotting the skylines of Australia’s major cities. This boom has led to a number of construction projects, including light rail systems, in which our construction company in Melbourne will discuss in further detail below.

Infastrucutre construction, including civil engineering construction in Melbourne, is growing rapidly with many workers required in each capital city. Infastrucutre construction activity is expected to grow by 10% next year and non-residential building is also expected to expand by 12% this year. This means the labour pool for both non-residential and commercial projects are also growing, with skilled workers being in high demand.

As a result of this building boom, our civil construction company in Melbourne are exposed to many different construction projects. With federal government now committing $24 billion to new road, rail and air Infastrucutre, there are many major projects occurring simultaneously across the country. On the other hand, residential building activity, such as the housing market, are now in a declining stage, with it set to fall by 5% this year.

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