Safety procedures conducted by our civil construction company in Melbourne

14th June

Our civil construction company in Melbourne conducts ongoing processes to ensure that all quality, safety and environmental elements of our construction work meet the civil construction management code. This code was created by the Australian Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) and contains management systems, taken from ISO standards, that have been altered to meet the needs of the civil construction industry.

Part of the civil construction management code is the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS). This system identifies health and safety risks in order to help our road construction company in Melbourne prevent accidents from occurring in the workplace.

All civil earthworks in Melbourne and other workplace sites are subjected to certain tests and procedures, prior to work commencing. These include;
- Workplace checklists; ensuring that WHS processes are applied and consistent throughout the company.
- Site inductions; project specific orientation and training.
- Site safety walks; includes identifying whether the correct PPE is being used, if procedures are being followed correctly and if the work environments are free from hazards.
- Pre-start and toolbox meetings; a short succinct meeting to relay important safety information to workers, including job safety instructions, changes in job procedures, and changes in rules and regulations.
- Internal audits and job reviews; used to identify where efficiencies or improvements can be made, including the review of business operations and culture.
- Medical checks; used to assess our employees on whether there are any risk factors that may limit their ability to perform their job effectively, including drug and alcohol testing.
- External audits; conducted on an annual basis by a third-party auditor.

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