Civil construction company in Melbourne explain the capabilities of their Eurosilo

6th September

As a civil construction company in Melbourne, we required a Eurosilo that can store and discharge large amounts of cement or other bulk material such as lime and fly-ash. At Eifers, steel plates are used in our Eurosilo and are shaped to ensure a free flow of materials in order for projects to be completed efficiently.

It is crucial that we conduct all civil earthworks in Melbourne quickly and effectively. Our specific Eurosilo aids us in our works as its mobile design is strong and also simple to use. With the capability of providing effective data for quality control purposes, the silo is ideal in the provision of effective storage solutions. It can also be easily incorporated with other equipment in our work environment such as water tanks, batchers and pumps.

Our commercial road construction services in Melbourne rely on a silo that is adjustable and manageable for mobile tasks. We also required a silo with a simple-to-use on board management system. Therefore, our silo features the following different components:
- Augers are managed by on-board control panel
- Pumps and vibrators are managed by a timer and can be programmed
- The ability to control the quantity of materials stored and extracted
- 99 modifiable dosages can be memorised

For more information regarding the use of our Euro silo, please contact our civil construction company in Melbourne today.



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