APA GROUP Dandenong City Gate Gas Plant Upgrade

Comdain Gas

Comdain Gas

Comdain Gas whom is the principle contractor to APA Group engaged Eifers to complete major civil works in the upgrade to the Dandenong City Gate (DCG) Gas Plant. The plant is the main supply of gas for Victoria and due for a major upgrade. The upgrade required hydro- excavation (NDE) due the high risk of mechanically excavating close the gas mains and regulators it also required on-site high level gas detection equipment. The hydro-excavation in the plant was quite extensive with conduit run also having to be NDE to depth along the whole trench.

Once pot holing to depths were done, we were able to start mechanical excavating for the Gas Regulator Skid foundations & slab, Air Compressor slab, Cable Tray Concrete Plinths and drilling of the pier holes for the new Control Hut. These structures had detailed specifications for formwork and steel work involved in the construction, once completed and inspected concrete placement for the regulator skids, control hut, Liquid Drain Bund, concrete plinths for the cable trays, air compressor and variety of other small footings and slabs began that required testing of all concrete placed for quality management.

Eifers was also tasked with the excavating a 750mm wide and up to 1.2m deep trench for the laying of multiple conduits which included a major 90mm airline from the Liquid Natural Gas plant to the air compressor inside the DCG and the back filling with packing sand and compacting the re-instated ground that required compaction testing. This task was a made a lot more difficult as it ran alongside a major high pressure gas pipe line.

Eifers safely completed the contracted works on time and on budget with both the client APA Group and the principle contractor Comdain Gas, extremely impressed with our workmanship and attention to safety.

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