JUHI Fuel Riser Removal

ExxonMobil Aviation (JUHI) / Lend Lease Services

ExxonMobil Aviation (JUHI) / Lend Lease Services

ExxonMobil Aviation (JUHI) & Lend Lease Services engages Eifers to perform the main civil and pavement works at Delta 9 Departure gate at Melbourne Airport in the removal of unused fuel pipeline riser. Working in an operational airport and over live fuel pipeline requires security clearance with the safe & experience that Eifers provides. This project required the saw cutting & slurry removal of the existing concrete pavement in a Z style formation, lifting & removal of concrete slabs.

Once the pavement was removed, working over a live fuel only allows manual jackhammering with air and electric hammers of the concrete subgrade. The crew that are confined space trained began to manually excavate a substantial hole in the pavement subgrade. This task was quite difficult as it took a large physical effort from the crew and had very limited access as the depth of the excavation was significant. Eifers was also in charge of dewatering the excavated site which we used our industrial services division to remove the rain & ground water off site. 

The crew reached the desired depth which allowed Lend Lease to perform the mechanical aspects of the project on the pipeline. The pipeline was then covered by concrete back to the top of the subgrade. Once this was completed Eifers was able to start dowel drilling with our rapid drilling pneumatic drills and placing of epoxy set dowels into the surrounding pavement. The dowels were coated with emulsion to allow the movement of the concrete. As the removed concrete formed a Z like shape, steel formwork shutters were installed to height which allowed us to pour the concrete in to stages. The concrete pour was completed with a broom style finish then a curing compound was applied, following the day the shutters were removed. The second concrete pour was completed 2 days after the first and was finished in the same process.

V notch saw cutting and joint sealing was completed the following week and where the surrounding concrete had been minutely damaged during the pavement removal our Fastpatch repair technology was used the same day as the joint sealing allowing the project to be completed and the gate being re-opened for you by the airlines.

Eifers safely completed the contracted works with ExxonMobil and Lend Lease Services being extremely impressed with our workmanship, attention to safety and the ability to provide in-house a wide range of services.

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