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Air Services/McConnell Dowell

Air Services/McConnell Dowell

McConnell Dowell engaged Eifers Civil to complete the civil works in assisting the installation of five airside antennas, a containment cell and various concrete placements at the GBAS location within Melbourne Airport. Located off Operations Road, Tullamarine, Eifers Civil commenced construction airside complying with restrictions from both Air Services and Melbourne Airport.

Eifers Civil completed the drilling of various 5 m deep piers as the base for the VBD and RSMU antennas. Each antenna had a steel reinforcement cage and bolt set placed and centered prior to the concrete pour. Formwork was placed and secured to finish the pier above the ground. Each antenna mast was attached to the bolt and secured correctly into place.

Eifers Civil constructed a containment cell for the storage of class 3 contaminated soil. This containment cell was built in relation to the engineering design supplied by GHD. The containment cell was built using various methods of excavating and compacting of subgrade and clean fill. The design included the use of a geosynthetic clay layer acting as a hydraulic barrier to retain any seepage from the contaminated soil. All precautions were considered and taken very seriously with the handling of contaminated soil. Once the containment cell was completed and with the approval from the engineers at GHD, all excavated contaminated soil from the shelter works and the driveway were placed and covered accordingly to the design.

Approximately 390 m3 of soil was excavated for the electrical communications trenches between the shelter, VBD and RSMU antennas. Precautions were taken when excavating trenches near existing high voltage (HV) conduits. Once electrical conduits were placed, Eifers Civil backfilled with sand and clean fill. The fill was shaken and removed of large particles that would potentially damage the electrical conduits previously placed. All trenches were compacted and tested to a compaction rating of at least 95% by an independent geotechnical engineer.

Eifers Civil successfully completed the contracted works within schedule, cost and to the required quality and safety requirements. The relationship between the McConnell Dowell supervisors and Eifers Civil workers allowed for an effective communication to complete the job efficiently and to the satisfactory standard. Air Services were impressed with the overall completion of the project and the individual abilities of each worker.

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