Melbourne Airport Works Safety Officers Carpark

Melbourne Airport & Global Road Technology (GRT)

Melbourne Airport & Global Road Technology (GRT)

The WSO carpark at Melbourne Airport was in significant need of repair due to the high number of vehicle movements and weather damage. The number of vehicles they could also park in the carpark was quite low & inefficient due the fact that there was no car spot delineation. Tasked with repairing the crush rock pavement and doubling the amount of parking spaces Eifers Civil went work with designing a more efficient enter/exit and parking system. The crush rock pavement was to be graded and then stabilized using GRT’s polymer 7000 stabilizing & dust suppressing product.

Using the GRT 7000 polymer the carpark pavement was stabilized by injecting the polymer into the rock with a ground stabilizing machine and then graded to height using a grader & bobcat. Multi tyre & smooth rollers were used to compact and seal the crush, however in a few area the clay subsoils were so soft that Eifers had to excavate & remove the soft clay and replace with geofabric matting and Cement Treated crush rock with compacting to height again. The enter/exit system was being used was very inefficient and caused damage to the car park, so Eifers designed & suggested an asphalt main access road be installed to take the weight of the turning vehicles. This new design system would allow multiple vehicles entry and exit the carpark at once and protect the surface of the carpark.

After completing the enter/exit access, ground stabilizing works and re-leveling to avoid water holding areas, multiple applications of GRT 7000 were preformed to suppress any dust during the summer months. As statement earlier a crucial matter was to increase the parking amount of WSO vehicles and with the new redesign Eifers were able to double the capacity of the carpark to hold 125 vehicles. These spots were delineatated with yellow marker dots and wheel bump stops to prevent any vehicle collisions.

Eifers safely completed the contracted works on time and on budget with Melbourne Airport and GRT, extremely impressed with our workmanship and attention to safety.

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