Webb Dock West - Wharf Lighting

Port of Melbourne and McConnell Dowell

Port of Melbourne and McConnell Dowell

Eifers Civil began operations at Webb Dock West in mid-March of 2017. Webb Dock West is located at the end of Kooringa Way, Port Melbourne, Vic 3207. Engaged by the Port of Melbourne and McConnell Dowell, Eifers Civil completed the wharf lighting civil works including excavation, soil compaction, concreting, installation of conduits and pits, and the back fill of selected material complying to Vic Roads 730 specification.

Complying with engineered designs by Jacobs Engineering Group, Eifers Civil excavated the 6m by 6m area for the foundation setting with an appropriate backfill area surrounding. Each light pole footing structurally supports a 30m high light pole used to provide lighting for the three berths out at Webb Dock West. Steel reinforcement cages were made up for a foundation size of 4.8m x 4.8m within customized temporary form work. Achieving appropriate cover and the placement of steel mesh to prevent surface cracking, all light pole foundations were accurately signed off and approved by an Eifers Civil site engineer as well as both the contractor and client. 

All materials sourced out by Eifers Civil were accurately tracked and recorded from site to an authorised dumping centre located out in Sunshine. All materials used as selected backfill and bedding were tested by the supplier to ensure they satisfy Vic Road standards. As Webb Dock is a live operating terminal the project was broken down into 100m section that had to be excavated, conduits laid & back filled including meeting 98% MDD compaction as per VR733, sealed with 100mm CT layer and handed back to AAT.

Once all the trenching and backfill was completed the asphalt pavement had to be reinstated. To do this Eifers had to profile 835m of CT layer out to the desired depth of 200mm for deep lift asphalt. This was a very difficult task as cargo was being unloaded off the ships right around us. 450T of Type SF, SS and H asphalt in various sized layers was then installed meeting the requirements of VR407 specifications.

Eifers Civil completed the contracted works by the end of August 2017 within the initial programmed schedule. All civil and concreting works were completed to the compulsory quality and safety requirements of the Vic Roads and Australian Standards. This project was another successful completion for Eifers Civil and continues a positive relationship for McConnell Dowell’s supervisors and Eifers Civil workers. The Port of Melbourne were impressed with the quality and standard of work that was completed at an efficient rate to their budget.

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