Landscaping and Pools

At Eifers Civil, we are committed to provide you with, not only quality landscaping works, but we also ensure that all of our landscaping works are timeless. Landscaping work should not need to be updated every so often and we make sure that our work will still be relevant for many years after its completion by taking various things into our consideration.

Furthermore, we are also committed into constructing pools that suits the standards that are required. We are aware of all the different standards that pools need to adhere to and we only look to provide the best. We offer the whole package from design, permits, excavation, pool construction & plumbing and landscaping around it.

Should you have any landscaping and pool construction projects in mind, Eifers Civil is always ready to take on them and produce the best outcome. We pride ourselves in our years of experience and we always strive to provide you the highest quality of civil works.

Contact us now for your landscaping and pool enquiries.

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